Preparing Healthy Meals for the Kids


For every parent the child’s health is the first priority and for this, preparing the right food and healthy balanced meals become a must. However, children as they grow up develop a propensity for junk food and crave tasty food so much so that healthy food soon comes to be associated as the complete opposite of tasty. As this mental association grows stronger many children eat junk food regularly which is very detrimental to health and also begin to avoid fruits, vegetables and pulses which further heightens chances of illness, poor stamina and weakened resistance against diseases. To be able to make sure that your children eat healthy it is important to develop the habit from an early age and inculcate an understanding in the kids about the importance of healthy eating.


One of the best tricks for preparing healthy meals for the kids lies in involving your kids in the preparation process. Ask them to wash the veggies or chop and peel and dice, or maybe help you stir while you do the bigger tasks. Give them something that is safe yet interesting and talk to them during the whole process. By involving your children in the actual cooking you will be encouraging them to take an interest in the entire act of planning, preparation and eating which will definitely increase their appreciation for the food.

While all parents know the foods which come under the category of healthy and unhealthy and how to prepare the appropriate dishes, what most parents are not aware about is that children place a lot of importance on the appearance of the dishes. It is important to cook healthy food that tastes good but most parents overlook the way the dish looks and how it is served, unaware that children often make up their minds based on whether or not the food looks good. Make some endeavor to make the meal look appetizing and you’ll be surprised at the result.

Meals like soups, chicken broths, roasts, stews and curries can be made to taste yummy by adding mushrooms, garlic, carrots, peas, potatoes and other such food items. The advantage of doing this is that along with improving the taste, aroma and sight of the food fantastically, such ingredients also add to the nutritional value of the meal- thus making it an overall success.

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